Thursday, August 6, 2009

Odd Wo(man) In

From Live From Skokie
Make new friends, but keep the old
One is silver and the other gold

That song from my childhood comes to mind when I see this picture. I'm pretty sure it was not ever meant as a comment on hair color, but I think I'm the silver one in this picture.

Last month a few of us from the class of 1980 from Niles North congregated in Devonshire Park thanks to the efforts of Fran Horvath (nee Ruskin) and Mark Holtzman. We shared stories, passed around a yearbook and got acquainted and reacquainted...and made some pictures.

I'm in touch with many of the friends I had in high school. None of them were there. That's okay. My new friend Fran Horvath, who my husband only recently introduced me to, and her other friends were there. Fran and I were not friends in high school. This was not by deliberate decision, just the nature of things. We hung out in different circles. I was at least aware of her; she admits to having no awareness of me. I was aware of Toby Fisher too, as she was a Vikette, NN's poms squad, but we were not friends either. Linda, I didn't remember knowing, but evidently she was taking beauty school classes and was off campus a lot.

Are we friends now? We'll see. Crystal ball sees a visit to Linda's to discussed the silver in the near future.

Note to Niles North Class of '80: Maybe we'll have a 30th reunion, maybe not. There's no clear organizer(s) this year. Word is that at least Fran and Mark, who'd been involved in planning the 10th and 20th, can't do it this year. So, hope to see y'all next year, or maybe in '11, but surely in cyberspace.