Friday, September 2, 2016

Polio eradicated...almost

One day, very soon, polio will be no more.
When I say soon, I mean SOON.
The potential for this insidious disease to hurt anyone else will be eliminated.
Humankind will have much to celebrate.
It has been a long fight by those afflicted, families of the afflicted, volunteers worldwide and organizations such as Rotary International, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, to name a few.

You'll read a lot about it via various news organizations when that big day comes. That's good. On Tuesday, September 6, however, at Rotary International's headquarters in Evanston, you can hear more first-hand and ask your own questions. That's even better.

Those expected to share stories include Nigeria's Abdulrahman "Tunji" Funsho, Pakistan's Aziz Memon, England's Judith Diment, plus Tennessee's John Germ, Maine's Michael K. McGovern and Illinois's own John Hewko.

Learn more on Rotary's event page.
Yes. It will be a "free" forum, but if you have some cash to spare, bring it. They'll surely be passing the hat.
No. It seems Archie Panjabi will not be there.