Monday, October 25, 2010

All Skokie Photo Contest has begun

Dig out those old photos and shoot some new ones, Skokie!

Time to submit your new and old photos of Skokie friends and neighbors to the All Skokie Photo Contest so they might win a prize and potentially be included in the Skokie Historical Society's photography archives.

SkokieNet has organized this contest with the All Skokie Photo Project.

Sweet pictures will win sweet treats from Sweet Attila's. First prize is a year's worth of cookies. The best Halloween and Thanksgiving theme pictures will win a gift certificate.

With the help of folks submitting images to the All Skokie Photo Contest and everyone who cares about Skokie, the All Skokie Photo Project will update the world on what Skokie is all about.

Through photos, you're invited to help tell Skokie's story.

Inclusivity and creativity are important elements of this project, which is why your involvement is vital.

The All Skokie Photo Project is a community photo project, a photo census, of sorts, making and collecting photos of everyone who's made Skokie what it is today--everyone who lives, works, studies or worships in Skokie, past or present, or otherwise cares about our village, which includes students, teachers, families, athletes, workers, politicians, brides and grooms, worshipers, club members, business owners, immigrants and more. The list goes on. Skokie is very diverse and the Skokie community is being asked to help tell Skokie's story with pictures and, yes, accompanying text.

Get scanning and shooting now, because the deadline is December 1, 2010 and time flies.

Check out the details.

Originally posted in August. Updated October 25, 2010.