Thursday, August 11, 2016

Diving into Radio with the Boys at WCGO

I've been earnestly making pictures with cameras since the early 1980s and went pro late in that decade. I'll always be a photographer, but am expanding the media I work in.

Now I'm hanging out with these guys--Sonar Greene, Kevin Burgess and Daniel French--at local radio station "Smart Talk" WCGO, 1590 on the a.m. dial. The station is part of GAB Radio Network. Headquartered on Evanston's west side, both are growing, which is rare to say given the nature of the media industry these days.

I'm currently serving as the station's social media producer.
I'm learning radio and podcasting while bring my unique perspective--and estrogen--to this table. I'm excited and a little frightened. These dudes challenge me and I challenge them in my way.  Other brothers I'm working with include Matt, Ben, Mike, Larry, Isi, "Chicago Pete" and Chuck. More about them soon.

Pleased to be working with them.
Wish us luck.

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