Sunday, November 13, 2016

Moretti's breaks ground in Morton Grove

There's a Moretti's being built where Maxwell's was, until 2003, on Dempster St. just east of Lehigh and the tracks. 
Reliable source says it due to open at
6415 Dempster St. Morton Grove in 2017.

This has irritated me. My thoughts: Yeah, just what we need, another restaurant chain venue. My opinion has softened, however, after dining at their restaurant in Hoffman Estates last night. The prices were reasonable. The vibe was friendly. Known for it's Italian-American fare, the menu's selection was wider than expected.

I got pasta carbonara for $13.99. As predicted, the portion was huge. I'll be consuming that for two more days. 

The atmosphere reminded me of a fancier Portillo's, but with waitstaff. Our waiter seemed knowledgeable and poised. Reservations are accepted.

One of the appetizers was grilled calamari. It was made well, not too chewy. Fish was not on their regular menu, but was offered as a special. They offer gluten-free items. Their beer menu was substantial, included IPAs (which is kinda lost on me as I don't drink beer). 

I expect I'll go there with family or with a few friends.

All that said, I feel sympathy for the neighbors in that 'hood. That was a lovely green space. Now construction has started. When construction is done, the peacefulness will be then be disrupted by lots of traffic, I'm guessing. I hope they won't be open too late so those folks can sleep well. I'm also concerned for Giordano's, also on Dempster in Morton Grove. I hope it won't draw too many customers away from them. Hopefully some commuters using the Morton Grove Metra stop will stop in at Moretti's before they go home.

I'm not worried about other Morton Grove restaurants, nor the Old Orchard or downtown Skokie eateries. Moretti's pizza is good -- my tablemates shared theirs with me -- but Village Inn is a place like no other. Libertad. Yolo. Both unique and too special for Moretti's to compete with. Supposedly Kabul House will have moved--love their hospitality, aushak, kabobs and tea especially--just east of McCormick on Dempster by the time MG Moretti's opens next year.

More about that bit of land: Condos were to be built there, but alas...more here.

Friday, November 4, 2016


My friend Bill Campbell is the best.
He taught me what LOVE is an acronym for--Letting Our Vision Expand.