Friday, June 22, 2012

BizPics applying for Mission: Small Business grant


Update: On June 29, we got the 250 votes we needed to be considered for the grant. Big thank-you to all who voted for us.

Like other Skokie-based business, Sweety Pies, Golly Gear, Urban Beat Dance, Illinois Nut & Candy among them, my company, Kring Lerner Group is going for it!

We've applied for a Chase and Living Social's Mission: Small Business grant for BizPics.

Scheduled approximately every other month, a BizPics shoot is a fun and affordable way to have a good business portrait made.

The grant money, $250,000, will support a new program for Chicago-area unemployed job seekers needing headshots for LinkedIn, Facebook and beyond, as well as help make BizPics a more sustainable operation.

We'll need 250 votes by June 30 to be eligible for the grant.
Grant recipients will be announced in September.

Please search on "BizPics" after logging in at and cast a vote for us.

Thanks. We appreciate our community's support.

For more about Mission: Small Business' judges and sponsors, check out their press release on BusinessWire. 

Portrayed here: Holly Rotman-Zaid (top), Scott Holtz and Dr. Sue Becker Doroshow.