Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ken Kring discusses Business Strategy Mapping Dec 5

Office Port CHI is again featuring Niles North alum Ken Kring as part of its new authors events.

Ken will lead a discussion on business strategy mapping and answer questions about his book "Business Strategy Mapping: The Power of Knowing How it all Fits Together."

When: Saturday, December 5, 2009
1 - 2:30 p.m.

Where: Office Port CHI
9 W. Washington in Chicago

Cost: Free

RSVP: or on LinkedIn.

According to Ken, business strategy mapping is essentially mapping out the conversation as to how you are going to drive any initiative from potential to profitability. It is useful for everyone from CEOs to entrepreneurs and other managers who need to figure out how all the elements of their business fit and work together.

"We'll be talking how business strategy mapping can be applied to any particular challenge that any business might have," Ken says.

I've heard my brother lead discussions on business strategy mapping numerous times and I've never failed to take away something new and valuable. He doesn't use too much jargon, which is refreshing.

About 15 of us were at the November 18 discussion and we had a good time.

I'll be there, but hosting Portrait Fun. Maura Hernandez and I are making good portraits, for personal or professional uses, at a good price. Consider coming early or staying after Ken's discussion to get a new head shot made. Also a good time to go browse Macy's windows and the Christkindlmarket.

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