Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who is a Journalist Now?

a Making Media Connections roundtable discussion; FREE and open to the public

This just in from Community Media Workshop...

The Chicago Community Trust’s Community News Matters initiative and Community Media Workshop invite you to this roundtable discussion.

When: June 10, 3-5 p.m.
Where: Columbia College’s Film Row Cinema, 8th Floor, 1104 South Wabash, Chicago.

We’re all creating and reporting news and stories for and about our communities, our region, and beyond. But the more common online news technologies become, the clearer it gets that you can deliver news without doing journalism.

Join us for a public forum to help frame a new set of questions for the coming year around journalism, technology, new business models and the people helping to shape a new path for Chicago’s information society.

Who’s creating and reporting news and stories for and about our communities, our region, and beyond? Are online outlets supplementing or supplanting daily newspapers or television networks in delivering news? Come discuss the latest in the changing media landscape:
• Who really is a journalist now, anyway?
• How has the explosion in online news shifted the types of news we produce?
• How is the information ecosystem shifting away from traditional media outlets?
• What do these changes mean for our neighborhoods?
• Are we getting the news we need to make better decisions than before?

The forum will also feature a brief report out on the results of the Workshop’s second annual online news survey.

Concurrent Breakouts

The Business: As news reporting moves online publishers and writers face the same issue as traditional media. How do we raise revenue to pay for content? Some new news outlets are starting to make money and while others are still discovering what the new business model might be.
Panelists: Steve Rhodes (Beachwood Reporter), Rich Gordon (Northwestern University), Dave Greising (Chi News Co-Op), Sherry Skalko (Online News Association)
Moderator: Toure Mohammed (Beansoup Times)
Scribe: Gordon Mayer (National People’s Action Network)

Influential Voices: Bloggers have become new publishers as they post content and build audiences. How do online writers find audiences? How does news happen with these new outlets?
Panelists: Veronica Arreola (Viva La Feminista), Andrew Huff (GapersBlock), Charles Mombo (Chocolate City), Teresa Puente (Chicanisima)
Moderator: Steve Franklin (Community Media Workshop)
Scribe: Barbara Iverson (Chicago Talks)

Platforms & Tech: The shifting media landscape has not only blurred the lines between professional journalists, bloggers and citizen journalists but is also being shaped by new forms of technology that go beyond the printing press and network television.
Panelists: Tracy Schmidt (ChicagoNow), Brad Flora (Windy Citizen), Ernie Sanders (Chicago Digital Cities), Justin Kaufman (Chicago Public Media)
Moderator: Dan Sinker (Columbia College Chicago)
Scribe: Justin Massa (Metro Chicago Information Center)

The Locals/Communities: One characteristic of the online news environment are geo sites that focus on specific communities. Hear about several neighborhood specific news and information outlets. Panelists: Suzanne McBride (Austin Talks), Glenn Reedus (S. Suburban Publishing), Lorraine Swanson (Lake Effect News)
Moderator: Tony Olivia (Chicago Tribune)
Scribe: Ann Marie Mitchell (Journalist)

4:45 p.m. Recap in the big room
FYI: I used to work at Community Media Workshop.


  1. I'd love to read transcripts of these discussions as they become available! Thanks.

  2. Write-ups are expected to be posted. Contact Diana Pando at Community Media Workshop at for more information about that. Karen