Friday, February 11, 2011

Scott Holtz named Skokie Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year

Why me? Why not you?
This in from Scott Holtz...

I never set out with the goal in mind of being member of the year. Frankly, it came as a total surprise. I am truly honored. After I was presented the award I did some research and found myself in the company of some big hitters in the community where previous recipients include the Doubletree and Holiday Inn. I thought to myself those businesses contribute so much to the success of the Chamber what did I do to deserve this recognition?

What I do for the Chamber is what I hope the Chamber and every member of the Chamber will do for me. I talk about the Chamber and actively promote it. I find members for the Chamber or find business for members of the Chamber. I get involved in the Chambers business so I can better understand what it does and why they do it so I can help where I can. The Chamber is a part of the community and more people outside the Chamber need to discover what it offers and I am doing my part to help promote that.

My association with the Chamber has presented me with many opportunities to build relationships with local businesses and given me the chance to meet and work with many community leaders from IMODS to my friends at the Park District and Village Hall. My association with the Chamber has given me countless business leads and quite a few signed contracts not to mention a bunch of new friends I value highly.

The Chamber has allowed me to start the Economic Development Task Force and to work on bringing together the leaders of business in the Chamber and Village government. Recently, I have been given the chance to evolve the Wednesday Car Shows into a full summer series of entertainment events from movies to concerts we are calling “Wednesdays on the Green”. Every Wednesday from mid May building up to the Backlot Bash at the end of August please join us on the Village Green in Downtown Skokie for some real fun.

I hope that by reading this you will now be inspired to get involved. There is a chance for everyone to be Member of the Year. What can you do to make a difference?
Scott prepared these remarks for the Skokie Chamber of Commerce's newletter. President and lead designer for 5207 Inc., Scott and his family live in downtown Skokie. 


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