Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Ultimate Dinner Party

as of December 20, 2014

My ultimate dinner party would include, in no particular order:

Maybe I'd include some of my kids, like Amber Gibson, Eldridge Shannon, Lilian Odish and Dr. Mohammed Nayyef.

I believe everyone would have a good time at this dinner. (If Barak and Hillary don't want to talk to each other, that is okay. All these people have great things to offer.)

Yes, I know. A few of these folks are quite unavailable.
Yes, I've left some loved ones and really cool people off the list.

An ultimate wish is that I'd have a good time at this party. I'm not always comfortable with crowds. Also I wish, if this even happened that I'd not act like an idiot like the time I met Muhammed Yunus.  (I can tell you more about it in person.) I like to think I don't get starstruck, but I do.

First we'd have cocktails (and just see what Frances Willard has to say about that) and passed appetizers.

I'd have no assigned seating for dinner, as I'd be interested in who ends up sitting by whom. I'd hope that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert don't just huddle in a corner cracking up each other.

I think there would be no "plus-ones", but I'm on the fence about that right now. I think Tipper Gore (who I hear is not with Al these days) and Rosalynn Carter would have a lot to talk about.

All these folks intrigue me.
Some I've met, some I've not.
Some of them have influenced me greatly.

Who would be at your ultimate dinner party?

Photos (from top): Amber Gibson, Gwen Moore and Jan Schakowsky and Muhammed Yunus.
Photos by © Karen Kring

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