Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tea with Jan Schakowsky

When we fight, we win! -- Jan Schakowsky


Enjoyed witnessing the exchange between neighbors who are honing their community activist skills and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky--one who has been working it as least as long as we've had expiration dates on our food--at neighbor Janice Page's home.

Discussion included running for local office, Morton Grove's pending welcoming community ordinance, minimum wage opt-out ordinance(s), politics in among our representatives and senators in Congress and likelihood of impeachment. 

Participants included Kim Moldofsky, Janice Kantro Page, Laura Frisch, Elizabeth Jones, Tammy Astor, Shabnam Syed, Margaret Grau, Jill Alali, Anjum Ali, Sharon Maitino, Ruth Goldman Helgemo, Janice Cha, Mari Blechman Plotnik and others.

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