Friday, July 17, 2009

Skokie's 4th of July Parade

One needed to know Skokie and its 4th of July parade to understand something was different this year. The weather was cooler than most years, so there was less concern about band members passing out, but any Chicagoan would have noticed that. Where were the temple teams? Where was Beth Israel? July 4, 2009 landed on a Saturday. Word was that many temples opted out of the parade in honor of the sabbath. July 4, 2010 is on a Sunday next year. It's a good bet they'll be back.

Pioneer Press' Mike Isaacs wrote about the pre-parade preparations.
SkokieNet's Eh re ca wrote about teen volunteers' work at the parade.
State Rep. Lou Lang's web page offers a bit about Lou's and Jan Schakowsky's infirmities.

Here's some simple snaps I made of the parade. I didn't catch everyone's name, but aim to fill them in as I learn them, so bring on the information. Love mob sourcing.

~ Karen Kring

George and Susan Van Dusen with friend.
George is Skokie's mayor.

U.S. House Rep Jan Schakowsky didn't walk the parade
as she usually does due to her bum foot.

This Jan of fan knows how to enjoy being in a parade.

Abbey Fishman Romanek is running for judge from
Cook Country's 9th subcircuit. Election is in February 2010.

Jesse Greenberg and other advocates for Abbey.

Having fun isn't hard when you've got...

a library card.

Roy Swenson.

Kiyo Shirataki.

Nola Penn.

Young Eldridge Shannon with Urban Beat Dance.

Two Rubinos.

Angeles "Jelly" Carandang

Illinois State Rep. Elizabeth Coulsen meets the Rubinos.

The parade is not over until the Refuse Collection
Division's trucks go by.


  1. So where are the bands? LOL! I put together NN's band for the parade for several years as a student; not so sure they're marching it anymore. Actually, pretty sure they don't march anymore. ;)

  2. Odd that I didn't get more bands. I love the bands! Oddly there was no NW or NN band in the parade and I was told that that was not unusual. Hmm. Don't know why. Thanks for looking and commenting.