Saturday, July 11, 2009

My big little sister: Niles North alum Nancy Kring Corbige

My younger sister, Nancy Kring Corbige, and her family were featured in
an article that ran in the Sun-Times last month about learning to bob and weave in these economic times.

I look forward to more stories that help us understand how some people are
handling their change in these circumstances. I think it's great that they were willing to talk about their finances on the record. So brave. In our society it's a bigger taboo to talk about finances than sex, but in these times, we need more ways to talk about finances, as is appropriate and useful.

I appreciated Francine Knowles' and Rich Hein's work on the piece.

I sure didn't appreciate the rude, off-topic comments that judged them on their
physique, previous spending and then some. I'm a journalist. I know how it works, but still, yikes. It definitely brings home the point that it takes all kinds.

I'd hoped my sister wouldn't notice the comments, but she did...and she called me LAUGHING. Phew. She knows how it works too. I know I can spin a situation for the better, but she's very good at it, and was better at it than me in this case.

You can see her incredibly generous, open-minded replies to the snark and snot at the end of the article.
Her online name at is "corbige".

No degrees of separation: Go Vikings

Maybe Nancy's husband, Curtis Corbige, seems familiar to you. Maybe you went to Niles North in the late '70s and early '80s. He did. Curtis is Class of '81, Nancy, '84. Back then Curtis was very involved in golf and still is. Besides working as a probation officer, he freelances for FoodStuffs, owned by Jay Lieberman, NN Class of '82.

Nancy has a Mary Kay open house and ribbon cutting on July 19 from 4-8 p.m. at her place in Rolling Meadows. You can contact her about it or ordering products at or through her website. Personally I like the basic skin care and the "targeted-action line reducer". No botox for me.

Photo: Nancy with Ken Kring, Class of '82, in our backyard on Sayre in Morton Grove. Photo surely by Gladys, our mom. More about Ken another time.



  1. I agree with the beginning part, "finances are a bigger taboo to talk about then sex" and that people are discrete about who they share them with. I also think that my aunt Nancy handled the rude comments and how she called my aunt Karen laughing. Love you both.