Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Facebook can blurs the lines between personal and professional

Deb Lawrence shares her take on this social media tool

The use of Facebook in the business world tends to cause several different types of reactions. Eye-rolling is very common with those who turn their noses up, and wonder why a rational human being would even consider using something like Facebook for business.  I suspect that these folks have either never been on this website, or have perhaps only seen the movie, “The Social Network.” This is how they have drawn their conclusions as to the usefulness of Facebook.

Personally I have used Facebook both socially and for business. Yes, I did consider whether I wanted to mesh my personal and business lives. But since I don’t have a secret, “double-life” on the wild side, I don’t really care, if my business associates know that I have a golden retriever, two cats, three kids and a great husband.

What has fascinated me, is that in my industry of marketing /public relations, is the ability of Facebook to resurrect friendships and relationships, transcend relationships and solidify friendships on a deeper level. This applies to business as well as personal relationships. 

Many people have said, that I’m a natural networker, and I say, I was networking without knowing what it was, or before it was popular. I enjoy people, and learning about people. I find people interesting. And that is what makes the world go around.

Facebook has become a tool to me in my career. It has helped me to network on a more personal level with many people in the business world. Specifically, I have had the ability to get to know various people who I never would have reached out to in the past. One example, is that when the Skokie Chamber of Commerce has needed a keynote speaker or an emcee for events, I reached out to business contacts through Facebook. Having been connected to various "friends", it was a natural extension of an online relationship. In seeking a win-win situation, I was able to communicate easily through Facebook and provide “details and event links” to the potential speakers.  Entire programs were set up through Facebook.
Deb Lawrence is the Business Employer Services & Community Relations for Illinois workNet Centers of Northern Cook County. She was recognized as the Skokie Chamber of Commerce's 2010 Volunteer of the Year.


  1. Great examples of using Facebook in "real business" situations. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm working on a second post with more examples. Stand by.