Monday, March 14, 2011

TED Talks for kids and adults

Do you know about the TED Talks?

TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, is a non-profit dedicated to "ideas worth spreading".  Started in 1984, TED activities now go beyond annual conferences, which I've yet to get to in person.  I watch the TED Talks online and always come away with an additional perspective on issues I'm already engaged in and a greater understand of issues I'd rarely thought about.

Recently in TED Conversations, a mom asked for recommendations for TED Talks to share with her daughter. Concerned that the results of this very useful exchange wouldn't be available after the close of the conversation, I'm sharing some of the recommendations here, all of which I've listened to too.

All of these are suitable for adults as well.

Jamie Oliver talks about our country's dwindling mortality given our eating habits and how we can turn it around and save our kids.

Young Birke Baehr discusses the dark side of the industrialized food system, his dream of being an organic farmer and suggests not eating food that sparkles.

Young Adora Svitak challenges all to rethink the term "childish".  She thinks learning should be reciprocal.

Gever Tulley talks about playing with fire, knives, spears, appliances, the digital millenium copyright act, cars and how to raise kids to be creative, confident and in control of their environment.

William Kamkwamba discusses building an electricity-generating windmill for his family when he was 14.

Young Sirena Huang plays her violin and discusses the 16th Century technology, design and entertainment value of  her instrument.

Geert Chatrou is an amazing whistler.

Natasha Tsakos discusses the environment between reality and imagination, science and art, creative collaboration and connection, and producing meaningful work. She performs a piece from her show "Upwake".

A mathematician and a magician, Art Benjamin does "mathemagic".

Wow. Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demonstrate SixthSense.

By the way, November 20, 2011 is Universal Children's Day and TEDxYouthDay.

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