Friday, March 25, 2011

Monday Toolbox for Chicago-area business leaders

This just in...

Chicago-area professionals are invited to attend the Monday Toolbox hosted by Cynthia Early.

Mission: Local professionals meet biweekly to talk about challenges and successes in the small business arena. Not exclusively geared toward salespeople, we meet to learn how to better connect with our clients, in a positive and open atmosphere.

Group Format: We usually meet the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month for an hour starting at noon at 1131 Emerson St. in Evanston.  So we have the room ready to accommodate everyone, we appreciate RSVPs via 847-328-7853. It's BYOL, bring your own lunch.

Monday, April 11: In the interest of spring cleaning, Sue Koch and Angie Garbot will talk about How to Clean Up your Image!!  Sue has presented to the Toolbox crowd before, specializing in Social Media and how to get yourself out to the public!  Angie is a professional photographer that will talk about the importance of updating your photographic image, both in print and and online!  Angie specializes in showcasing the real YOU in her work.  Angie will also give us an opportunity to get new head shots taken!

Monday, April 25: Revitalize yourself with this program featuring Heather McCutcheon of Mindful Marketing and JJ Jones of Indigo Studios!  Heather will present her expertise in energy and shakra work to improve your focus and emotional well-being.  JJ owns a studio featuring yoga booty ballet, Zumba, and other dance/movement classes, and she also teaches yoga and meditation classes.  JJ will teach us some conscious meditation techniques which can be used anywhere to make you feel energetic, focused and more rested.

Monday, May 9: Captain Dale Fochs of the Evanston Fire Department will come in to give us helpful hints on staying safe at home and at work during this season of spring cleaning!  We will also talk about other City of Evanston programs that are there to help you at home and in business!

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